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A register of validated service providers for Coaching and Mentoring Services (CMS)


Dear visitors, especially manufacturing companies and experts on digital and green transformation in the Mobility, Transport and Automotive Ecosystem. 

Welcome on the pool of experts for Assessments and/or Feasibility – Studies in digital and green transformation of production facilities.  

If you are a company, looking for those services, please choose an expert of the following tables, or introduce your own service provider to this opportunity. For fundings, you are invited to apply on the RESIST Open Call for Coaching an Mentoring services until the 1 November 2024. 

If you are an expert yourself, you are invited to apply on the Open Call for Expression of Interest for Service Providers. After the evaluation you will be listed in this Pool of Experts.  


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Overview of the Pool of experts, sorted by country and Name of the organisation 

Name of the organization  Website  Country  Type of offered Support 
COISS   Austria  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
ICT Impact GmbH  Austria  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
UNINET it-consulting GmbH  Austria  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
MAC CARBON TECHNOLOGY d.o.o.   Croatia  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
Paul Advisory s.r.o.  Czech Republic  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
BABLE GmbH  Germany  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
Kimitisik  Italy  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
MT-EUROPE  Italy  Assessment-service 
Aftersun LLC  Portugal  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
matox, spletne rešitve in svetovanje, Matej Hočevar s.p.   Slovenia  Assessment Service, Feasibility Service 
Primum d.o.o.   Slovenia  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
Rok Jenko s.p.   Slovenia  Assessment-service 
Tinkerlab d.o.o.   Slovenia  Assessment Service, Feasibility Service 
COLOR IURIS S.L.  es:index [Coloriuris]  Spain  Feasibility-service 
Diaple Networking SL  Spain  Feasibility-service 
Elena Alamar Velázquezázquez/   Spain  Assessment-Service 
ESTREM TRANSFORMACION BIZKAIA S.L  Spain  Feasibility-service 
IMPORTACIONES NECOTECH 2030 S.L  Spain  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
Inèdit Innovació  Spain  Assessment-service 
INOVALABS DIGITAL, S.L.  Spain  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
SIGNOS NEW TECHNOLOGIES S.L.  Spain  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
TAKTIC BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY, S.L  Spain  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
YES FOR INNOVATION S.L.   Spain  Assessment-service 
RATELTECH YAZILIM ANONIM SIRKETI  Turkey  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 



Detail list of the Pool of experts, sorted by country and Name of the organisation


Provider name COISS
Company description COISS GmbH is an innovative company in the field of digital transformations, reintegrating old machines into the cycle of the digital world, based in Linz, Upper Austria. We enable companies to gain a simple and quick overview of their industrial machines.

Our experience in the production sector is particularly noteworthy, where a variety of manufacturers, ages, and machine types exist, to which we give more life by developing innovative solutions for digitalization and sustainable efficiency improvement. We are an active member of relevant professional associations and networks to promote technological innovations.

Location Gallneukirchner Straße 17a, 4040 Linz
Country Austria
Offered Service assessment-service, feasibility-service
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service Digitalization and retrofitting of industrial machines

Energy efficiency and process optimization

Sustainable and circular business models

Support in the development of Industry 4.0 strategies

Countries where the service is available austria, czech-republic, croatia, belgium, france, italy, hungary, greece, germany, poland, portugal, slovakia, romania, slovenia, iceland, armenia, sweden, spain, denmark, bulgaria, estonia, finland, ireland, cyprus, luxemburg, lithuania, latvia, malta, montenegro, albanian, north-macedonia, serbia, Ukraine, moldova
Contact person Marco Kner




Provider name  ICT Impact GmbH 
Company description 


CT Impact is a technology and sustainability consulting company based in Vienna, Austria. We support companies in their sustainable transformation.  

Our core competences are:  

Sustainable Strategy, Materiality Analysis, CSRD, Taxonomy, Corporate Carbon Footprint, Product Carbon Footprint, Circular Business Models, Technology Innovation, Energy Savings, Process Optimisation, ESG Reporting according to GRI and ESRS.  

We currently have about 15 projects ongoing at customers ranging from about 100 up to 8.000 employees. We are working on different topics from general sustainability strategy development, product and corporate carbon footprint calculations, development of climate strategies and participating in R&D projects as technology partners.  

We have experience especially in the automotive sector as Michael Friedmann was responsible for the development of the electric firetruck from Rosenbauer International. We are also an active member in the Austrian Association for Advanced Propulsion Systems (A3PS). 

Location  Hegergasse 21/45, 1030 Wien 
Country  Austria 
Offered Service  Assessment Service 

Feasibility Service 

Thematic scope of the offered CMS service 
  • Carbon Footprint 
  • Climate Strategy 
  • Circular Business Models 
  • Sustainability strategies for SMEs 
Countries where the service is available  Austria, Germany, Slovenia 
Contact person  Michael Friedmann 

+43 681 10876791 



Provider name  UNINET it-consulting GmbH 
Company description  For over 29 years, UNINET has been offering manufacturer-independent advice with a focus on holistic project support from requirements assessment, specification, tendering, provider evaluation to the awarding and acceptance of services in the IT and communications project area.  

In addition to supporting infrastructure and service projects, we also offer comprehensive consulting services in the information security and IT security areas, with special expertise in the areas of industrial and ICS/SCADA security as well as BwD/KRITIS/NIS.  

Our highly specialized team of experts not only helps with security analyzes (penetration tests) but also – should a security incident occur – with professional analysis and damage limitation through to the preparation of reports for legal proceedings. 

Location  Fichtenstrasse 20, 4020 Linz 
Country  Austria 
Offered Service  Assessment Service 

Feasibility Service 

Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  Cybersecurity, TISAX, ISO27001, ICT Consulting, NIS, ICS/SCADA security, IT/OT security, Pentesting 
Countries where the service is available  Austria 
Contact person  Robert Kolmhofer 

+43 6645325454 



Provider name  Paul Advisory s.r.o. 
Company description  We support small and medium-sized companies in their digitalization projects. We act as project managers, mentors and consultants throughout the project lifecycle, from idea to implementation.   

We are usually involved in projects that unlock the potential and productivity of small and medium-sized companies by introducing digital technologies.  

We help clients clarify their brief, accompany them on their journey in finding the right technical solution and then lead the implementation project.  

We also see education and alignment of the entire team as an important part of the project so that the digital change is sustainable in the long term. 

Location  Klíčova 1261/2d, 61800 Brno 
Country  Czech Republic 
Offered Service  Assessment Service,Feasibility Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  Selection and management of information systems implementation projects (ERP, MES, WMS, APS, MIS, EDI), visualization and presentation of data in production, process setup, assessment of information systems, SRS studies, calculation and assessment of ROI of information systems, digital transformation projects 
Countries where the service is available  Austria,Czech Republic,Slovakia ,Hungary ,Italy 
Contact person David Pavlistik 




Provider name  MAC CARBON TECHNOLOGY d.o.o. 
Company description  Our team at MAC CARBON TECHNOLOGY (MCT) comprises professionals with extensive backgrounds in materials science, engineering, and product development. We have years of practical experience and ongoing research in advanced composite materials, allowing us to effectively understand and apply new technologies. Through partnerships with leading automotive and aerospace companies, we’ve developed and implemented advanced composite solutions. These collaborations frequently result in lightweight, high-strength components that enhance the efficiency and performance of our partners’ products. Our services included an in-depth analysis of composite materials, testing of new materials for enhanced mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties, and an economic feasibility assessment to evaluate the integration costs and benefits. Alongside this, we offered technical consulting and support throughout the study, ensuring insightful interpretation of test results and guidance in selecting the best materials for specific needs. 
Location  Lazina Čička 15A, 10415 Novo Čiče 
Country  Croatia 
Offered Service  feasibility-service, assessment-service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  In-depth analysis of current materials: We’ll meticulously evaluate your existing composite materials, identifying areas for improvement in terms of performance, environmental impact, and cost. 

Material selection and testing: We’ll leverage our expertise to recommend innovative composite materials that align with your strategic goals. This includes detailed testing to assess their mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. 

Economic feasibility assessment: We’ll conduct a thorough cost analysis to evaluate the integration costs and potential benefits, including potential cost savings and return on investment associated with improved efficiency and extended product life. 

Technical consulting and support: Our team of experts will be available throughout the study, providing insightful interpretations of test results and guiding you towards selecting the best materials for your specific needs. 

Countries where the service is available  Croatia, Slovenia 
Contact person  Kristina Putanec 




Provider name  BABLE GmbH 
Company description 


BABLE Smart Cities, the facilitator for smart cities in Europe, we accelerate your Smart City venture with enhanced visibility, in-depth market insights, and valuable business opportunities. We connect cities and companies across Europe, using innovative tools to drive smart, sustainable growth and help cities become climate-neutral by 2050. We provide specialised knowledge and market access to both public and private sector organizations, empowering them to successfully implement Smart City solutions that improve the lives of all citizens. Our team includes 50+ BABLE Experts based in 7 locations across Europe and we speak 20+ languages, this group is made up of highly experienced professionals with many years of expertise in their specific areas. Unlike other companies in the Smart City space, we are completely independent and not linked to any tech provider, ensuring that our recommendations are unbiased. We are an impact-driven organisation! 
Country  Germany 
Offered Service  Assessment-service, Feasibility-service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service 


Training your staff in Smart City knowledge: With over 10 years of experience as a spin-off of Fraunhofer, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Smart Cities today. We have built a bridge between tech companies and the public sector, fostering partnerships that drive innovation and progress in Smart City projects.  

Discover valuable business opportunities tailored for the offerings in the Smart City domain. 

Countries where the service is available  Germany, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Denmark 
Contact person  Yamileth Salas 




Provider name  Kimitisik 
Company description  Kimitisik is a consultancy and training company in the Education Management sector.  

Kimitisik designs, develops, and leads innovative learning journeys, consisting of courses, learning experiences and events facilitating collaborative and hands-on learning. During these courses and events, proven methodologies in entrepreneurial education are blended with coaching, hands-on assignments and learning by doing opportunities. Our expertise is on the themes of digitalization, greenification, innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. We collaborated with several Knowledge and Innovation Communities of the European Institute of Technology. 

Our services: 

  • coaching and mentoring 
  • professional development 
  • uspkilling and reskilling 
  • train the trainer programmes 
  • executive education 
Location  Fort Rijnauwen 1, 2926 VH Krimpeen aan den IJssel 
Country  Italy 
Offered Service  Assessment Service 

Feasibility Service 

Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  Mobility, Transport and Automotive (MTA)-sector and the related production-ecosystem. 
Countries where the service is available 


Italy ,Netherlands ,Austria,Belgium,Bulgaria ,Croatia ,France ,Estonia ,Cyprus ,Denmark ,Czech Republic,Germany ,Lithuania ,Portugal ,Sweden ,Montenegro ,North Macedonia,Albanian ,Romania ,Greece ,Luxemburg ,Hungary ,Malta ,Slovakia ,Armenia ,Serbia ,Iceland ,Slovenia ,Ireland ,Turkey,Moldova ,Spain ,Latvia ,Poland ,Finland ,Ukraine 
Contact person  Alessandro Tomasi 

+39 3780828508 



Provider name  MT-EUROPE 
Company description 


Since 2017 MT-Europe is playing a pivotal role in empowering manufacturing SMEs to embrace sustainable innovation within the context of the European projects.  

Our expertise in both sustainability and technology positions us as a vital partner in achieving the projects’ objectives. We possess a comprehensive skillset that spans across sustainability assessments, technology implementation, process optimization, and innovation strategy.  Our unique blend of expertise enables us to provide holistic solutions that bridge the gap between sustainability and technology. 

We offer an array of services tailored specifically for manufacturing SMEs seeking sustainable innovation: 

  • Sustainability Assessments 
  • Technology Integration Strategies 
  • Process Optimization 
  • Innovation Workshops 
  • Regulatory Compliance Guidance 
Location  VIA BRADANO 45, 75100 MATERA 
Country  Italy 
Offered Service  Assessment Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service 


Strategic Consulting: 

Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the SMEs current operations and identifying opportunities for digital and green transformation. Developing a customized transition roadmap that aligns with the SMEs specific goals and resources. 

Technology Adoption Guidance: 

Advising on the selection and integration of digital technologies such as IoT, AI, and blockchain to optimize operations, improve product development, and enhance customer experiences. Recommending sustainable technologies and practices to reduce environmental impact. 

Sustainability Assessment: 

Conducting environmental impact assessments to measure and reduce the SMEs carbon footprint. Identifying opportunities for sustainable sourcing, production processes, and materials. 

Supply Chain Optimization: 

Analyzing and optimizing supply chain logistics for cost reduction and increased efficiency. Integrating sustainable practices into the supply chain, such as circular economy principles.  

Sustainable Business Models 

Countries where the service is available  Austria,Czech Republic,Germany ,Latvia ,Poland ,Spain ,Moldova ,Turkey,Ukraine,Montenegro ,Sweden ,Portugal ,Lithuania ,Greece ,Denmark ,Belgium,Bulgaria ,Estonia ,Croatia ,Cyprus ,France ,Finland ,Hungary ,Ireland ,Italy ,Netherlands ,Malta ,Luxemburg ,Romania ,Albanian ,North Macedonia,Armenia ,Slovakia ,Iceland ,Slovenia ,Serbia 
Contact person 



+39 3333863961 



Provider name  Aftersun LLC 
Company description  Advisory for SMEs and start-ups in the Clean Mobility, Clean Infrastructure and Renewable energy sectors. We are experts in transportation & mobility with industry experience from companies like Shell, ENGIE, E.ON and BOLT.  Services provided range from commercial and Go2Market Strategy to product and technology roadmap strategy. 

We are already working in advisory roles with a variety of organisations, like EIT Urban Mobility, EIT Innoenergy, German Accelerator and Scaler8 programs. 

Location  Rua dos Ferreiros à Estrela 63 – 2D, 1200-672 Lisboa 
Country  Portugal 
Offered Service  Assessment Service 

Feasibility Service 

Thematic scope of the offered CMS service Technology: 

  • Internet of Things 
  • Monitoring systems and traceability Sales & Marketing  
  • GO2Market and Expansion strategy 
  • Commercial Strategy 
  • Marketing Strategy (digital, online, product etc) Green Services 
  • Carbon footprint and emission of greenhouse gasses 
  • Energy reduction 
  • Resource efficiency 
Countries where the service is available 


Austria,Belgium,Bulgaria ,Croatia ,Cyprus ,Finland ,Denmark ,Czech Republic,Germany ,Greece ,Luxemburg ,Lithuania ,Portugal ,Sweden ,Montenegro ,North Macedonia,Albanian ,Romania ,Slovakia ,Armenia ,Serbia ,Iceland ,Slovenia ,Netherlands ,Malta ,Hungary ,Estonia ,Ireland ,France ,Italy ,Latvia ,Poland ,Spain ,Moldova ,Turkey,Ukraine 
Contact person  Elena Nikonova 

+31 640986468 



Provider name  Primum d.o.o. 
Company description  In Primum we develop solutions for renewable energy generation, most of all wave energy converters, also we offer consulting services related to R&D and financing mostly to technology star-up companies (acquiring funding in R&D EU supported projects). Primoz Kunaver as CEO of Primum I work also as coach, mentor etc. In general, I can describe my competences as a combination of technological / innovation competences and business / business consulting competences. I am doing high-tech R&D projects in area of renewables and aerodynamics. I am author of 7 patents. I work also as coach for European Commission in the frame of SME Instrument – being most times engaged Slovenian coach and as coach in EIC Accelerator Horizon Europe. Frequently I am and was engaged as evaluator in the H2020 EIC Innovation Pilot, Horizon Europe, EUREKA, Cyprus R&D projects, Czech Republic R&D projects, Danish R&D projects, Italy Bozen region R&D projects etc. Apart from that I am permanent contractor of University of Ljubljana for mentoring of technology start-up companies. 
Location  Mesesnelova 8, 1210 Ljubljana 
Country  Slovenia 
Offered Service  assessment-service, feasibility-service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  I can offer professional mentor and coaching services to SMEs, start-ups or larger companies in area of green transformation and other related areas. Mostly I can contribute in the area of completion of R&D process in green energy (and to some degree also in several other areas like marine technology, propulsion systems, aerodynamics etc.), acquiring finances (I am expert in writing of proposals for EU R&D project funding), intellectual property rights protection, market launch, business models, outreach to investors etc. I have worked many years and have extensive experience also in management consulting for larger organisation in area of business processes rationalisation and optimisation and as well as in business strategies management consulting. 
Countries where the service is available  austria, belgium, bulgaria, croatia, cyprus, france, finland, estonia, denmark, czech-republic, germany, greece, hungary, ireland, italy, latvia, poland, netherlands, malta, luxemburg, lithuania, portugal, romania, slovakia, slovenia, spain, moldova, iceland, armenia, albanian, sweden, montenegro, north-macedonia, serbia, turkey, Ukraine 
Contact person  Primoz Kunaver 




Provider name  Matox, spletne rešitve in svetovanje, Matej Hočevar s.p. 
Company description  Our company is at the forefront of technological innovation, specializing in custom software engineering and mobile application development. With a team led by seasoned engineers and consultants, we have a proven track record of delivering sophisticated digital solutions that bridge the gap between physical and digital experiences. Our expertise extends to managing multiple device ecosystems, ensuring stellar user experiences, robust stability, and  uncompromised security. Notably, our success with the widely acclaimed Gorenjc app, which became the leading shopping app in Slovenia, is a testament to our capability to engage and retain a significant user base with over 100k monthly active users. Our diverse skill set in full-stack development is reflected through our proficiency with Angular, Django, PostgreSQL, PHP, and WordPress. 
Location  Šubljeva ulica 14A, 1230 Domžale 
Country  Slovenia 
Offered Service  Assessment Service, Feasibility Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  The service will bring in Matej Hočevar’s expertise for a detailed theoretical and lab-environment study on the feasibility of implementing new technologies and approaches, providing an objective analysis and validation of client’s ideas. 

– Exploring data capture methods 

– Development and incorporation of AI models 

– Innovations in operations 

– Expert input and feasibility study 

– Transition towards digital practices 

Countries where the service is available  Austria, Croatia , Slovenia , Montenegro , Serbia 
Contact person  Matej Hočevar 

+386 31 747 231 



Provider name Rok Jenko s.p.
Company description Rok Jenko (Rok Jenko s.p.) has been working with web and other technologies for more than 20 years. Lately, he has been focusing on creating websites on the WordPress platform and developing more complex projects that utilize separate backend and frontend systems. He has specialized in backend systems in environments such as Python – Django, PHP – Laravel, and others. For frontend systems, he creates them in pure HTML5 or using frameworks like Svelte, Angular, and React, among others. He is also involved in the development of online stores, reservation systems, and mobile applications. After studying robotics, he also dedicates himself to other technically demanding projects related to hardware development and artificial intelligence. Rok Jenko’s expertise in the field of digital maturity assessment is highly regarded. He has a track record of successfully conducting comprehensive assessments for organizations aiming to embark on their digital transformation journey. His approach often involves a thorough analysis of the current state of the company, understanding its existing digital infrastructure, processes, and goals. One of his notable strengths lies in custom development solutions, where he tailors digital strategies to suit the unique needs of each organization. Rok’s projects typically encompass a holistic view of the company’s digital landscape, identifying areas for improvement and defining a clear roadmap for achieving their digital transformation objectives.
Location Vojkova cesta 73, 1000 Ljubljana
Country Slovenia
Offered Service assessment-service
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service Digital maturity assessment for SMEs:

– Initial consultation and needs analysis

Understanding the specific needs and digital goals of the SME, including their current digital infrastructure, processes, and market positioning.

– Comprehensive digital review

Evaluating the existing digital assets, technologies, and strategies of the SME, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

– Benchmarking against industry standards

Comparing the SME’s digital maturity against industry benchmarks and best practices to identify gaps and opportunities.

– Digital maturity framework application

Applying a structured framework to assess digital maturity levels across different dimensions such as leadership, strategy, customer engagement, operations, and technology.

– Roadmap for Digital Transformation: Creating a clear and actionable roadmap to guide the SME through its digital transformation journey, with set milestones and KPIs.

Countries where the service is available croatia, austria, italy, hungary, slovenia, montenegro, serbia
Contact person Rok Jenko




Provider name  Tinkerlab d.o.o. 
Company description  Tinkerlab d.o.o., under the leadership of Rok Okorn, specializes in data-driven technology solutions, capitalizing on over a decade of expertise in data science, AI, and machine learning.  Our company’s experience is extensive in the development of cutting-edge solutions that transform data into actionable insights. Notably, Rok has led projects and teams in various capacities, from his tenure at the Statistical Office of Slovenia to his strategic roles as CTO and CEO at Ektimo and Axiologo, respectively. At Tinkerlab, we’ve embodied this journey, employing our deep knowledge in SQL, graph databases, Python programming, and analytical thinking to facilitate robust data science transformations for our clients. 
Location  Sora 13, 1215 Medvode 
Country  Slovenia 
Offered Service  Assessment Service, Feasibility Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  Digital transformation: The integration of state-of-the-art data science,  artificial intelligence, economic and operational viability of incorporating AI-driven Solutions; Green transformation:  Advancements towards energy-efficient product solutions,  with an emphasis on sustainability and reduced environmental impact. The feasibility study will assess methods to improve energy efficiency,  examining potential benefits and sustainability impacts in alignment with environmental goals and market demands.” 
Countries where the service is available  Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany 
Contact person  Rok Okorn 

‘+386  40  365  345 



Provider name  COLORIURIS S.L. 
Company description 


Coloriuris is a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) that develops applications in Software as a Service (SAAS) mode for the public and private sectors, enabling the digitalization of processes with the same legal security as analog processes through cryptographic tools.  

Coloriuris is an entity recognized by the Ministry of Industry (2011) and the first company in Aragon to be recognized as a Certification Authority (2015). Coloriuris is the first Spanish company to obtain, in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 of 23 July (eIDAS Regulation), qualification for the issuance of electronic time stamps (TimeStamping) on 29 September 2017, thereby being included in the Trust List of the European Union.  

As a result, evidence of electronic transactions from Coloriuris benefits from a presumption of certainty and a shift in the burden of proof (article 326.4 LEC and 41 eIDAS Regulation). 

Location  Calle Alfonso n 23, 50003 Zaragoza 
Country  Spain 
Offered Service Feasibility Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  Pilot projects to legally certify the all digital life of transportation and logistics companies. Certify, with the utmost legal security, all internet navigation, your emails and SMS, contracts and budgets, publications, relationships with employees… 



Provider name  Diaple Networking SL 
Company description  Diaple is a company made up of professionals with high technical qualifications and passionate about new technologies. Forming work groups with extensive joint experience in successfully implementing innovative solutions. At diaple we are committed to creating all types of advanced business software: software development services, IP telephony, mobility, systems administration, Internet presence… 
Location  Pº Mª AGUSTÍN 4-6 OFICINA 11, 50004 ZARAGOZA 
Country  Spain 
Offered Service  Feasibility Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  1.- Fleet Control and Management dTrack 4.0 (dT4): dT4 is a fleet control and tracking system whose main advantage is that it includes in a single platform a series of functionalities that other systems do not offer together. We can divide these functionalities into three modules: -Tracking: allows you to know the position and track all types of vehicles, containers and any asset of value to the company that may carry a GPS device and that is going to move from one place to another. – Management: dT4 includes complete management of company vehicles, optimizing all the tasks involved in their maintenance (changing tires, filters, oil, inspection,…), their documentation (ITV, technical sheet, permits, payment of taxes,… ) and monitoring of its use (mileage, consumption, expenses, driving,…) – Automation: using the inputs and outputs of the GPS device we can carry out a series of actions on the vehicles and receive important information from the vehicles Pilot tests are carried out 
Countries where the service is available  France ,Spain ,Italy ,Portugal 
Contact person  Roberto Carlos Casas Millán 




Provider name  Elena Alamar Velázquez 
Company description  Since 2005, as a Business Development Consultant, my main expertise is in international consultancy, exports/imports, international market implementation,  business development, marketing, legal contracting & innovation, among others.  

Since 2014, I am also an Expert EC Coach in Business Innovation Development under EIC Accelerator, BlueInvest, EUDIS, LCBA, INNORATE, GALACTICA, … & EU Evaluator (since 2016) for European funding programs (EUREKA/EUROSTARS, INNOWIDE, IFD, COST, FET, IRIS-RIF, ONTOCHAIN,..).  

With more tan three decades of diverse experience spanning multiple sectors, I am a seasoned professional dedicated to catalyzing growth and fostering sustainability for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As a dynamic Business Coach, I am specializes in internationalization, marketing research, R&D innovation, sustainability, CSR strategies, exports & imports, international management, and business development.  

My Expert ID is: EX2014D227023. 

Location  Calle Dolores Marqués, 33  Esc.3 – Puerta 3, 46020 Valencia 
Country  Spain 
Offered Service  Assessment-Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  Coaching & Mentoring for the startups and SMES in business development, scale-up and internationalization. 

+30-years multi-sectorial experience in the field of internationalization, marketing research, R&D innovation, international markets, entrepreneurship, sustainability and CSR strategies, Exports & Imports, International Management, Business Development and markets implementation, etc.  

As a Business Coach, I try to understand the context of the company and empower the sme’s management for handling similar challenges in the future on their own.  

Based on this philosophy, I manage and support to the companies on Business Development: focusing on the identification, analysis and evaluation of potential business opportunities, funding and investment location, the definition of business segments and the development of an effective marketing mix. 

Countries where the service is available  austria,belgium,bulgaria,croatia,cyprus,czech-republic,germany,lithuania,portugal,denmark,estonia,finland,france,greece,hungary,ireland,italy,latvia,poland,spain,netherlands,slovenia,slovakia,malta,luxemburg,romania,sweden,montenegro,north-macedonia,serbia,turkey,Ukraine,albanian,armenia,iceland,moldova 
Contact person  Elena Alamar 




Company description  We are a consulting/training/digital coaching company specializing in digital team development, organizational digital development, and EFQM excellence. With over 10,000 hours of experience in 60 organizations of various types and sizes, we are uniquely positioned in Europe for Leadership Competence Development and Training with an International Certification from TÜV Rheinland under ISO 17024 standards.  

We offer three levels of leadership training and specialize in coaching leaders, preparing teams for change environments, innovation, and the transformation of CASHR culture (Commitment, Agility, Sustainability, Human, Resilient) within companies.  

Our proprietary methodology, Neurocreativity®, focuses on transfer and learning, teaching the creation and development of robust and resilient leaders and teams, ready for business transformation.  

We support organizations in achieving and maintaining a transformative impact on interaction culture by developing individual and team skills in areas required to sustain the transformations envisioned by our clients. 

Location  Avenida Ercilla n 8, 48009 Bilbao 
Country  Spain 
Website  ttps:// 
Offered Service  Feasibility Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service 


Pilot Project to promote the implementation of Management 3.0: Tools for the people revolution in the company through digital tools. How to implement Management 3.0 in your organization: Values and Culture. Motivation and commitment. Performance management: rewards and incentives. Delegation, empowerment, feedback. Attraction and retention of talent. How to turn an organization into an agile company: leadership mentality, organizational design, roles, career paths, how to delegate and hire correctly, performance, goals and motivation, promotions, talent acquisition and retention, creating and promoting a psychologically safe environment. 
Countries where the service is available  France ,Italy ,Greece ,Germany ,Portugal ,Romania ,Turkey,Spain 
Contact person  Julian Trullen 




Company description  IMPORTACIONES NECOTECH 2030 S.L is a start-up dedicated to the development of solutions for security in transportation and logistics through AI systems and associated software.  

We specialize in the distribution and development of telematics systems, electronic security sensors, as well as the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of electronic devices, sensors, and general computing. We also offer maintenance services, custom software programming and development, including Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and program maintenance. Additionally, we provide sales, maintenance, and devices for location tracking, as well as the manufacturing, sale, distribution, and maintenance of new technologies. 

In the communications field, we operate with 4G and WIFI, which also lead to significant cost savings. All data ingestion is managed by the cloud, which, through Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, enables the company to improve decision-making regarding security in driving and fuel consumption savings.  

We develop devices and implement software based on the customers needs, allowing them to have better control over their business through the Internet of Things. Our devices applied to the transportation and logistics sector provide greater visibility in traceability, improved distribution routes, resulting in reduced emissions and expenses. Embedded AI systems have made significant advancements in the last five years, allowing for the development of security systems such as ADAS, DMS, BSD, and driver assistance systems.  

Our goal is to contribute to emission reduction and strive for zero accidents, assisting safety managers and master drivers in achieving these milestones. 

Location  Calle Monasterio de Rueda 1, PT 4, 5ºA, 50410 Cuarte de Huerva (ZARAGOZA) 
Country  Spain 
Offered Service  Assessment Service,Feasibility Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  Situational studies on digitization and sustainability in the field of freight transportation and logistics.  Implementation of pilot tests for solutions aimed at enhancing safety in transportation and logistics through AI systems and their associated software. 
Countries where the service is available  France, Italy, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Spain 
Contact person  Jose Luis Soriano 




Provider name  Inèdit Innovació 
Company description  We are a strategic eco-innovation studio founded by pioneers of industrial ecology, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the ecodesign of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. We have more than 15 years of experience supporting organisations in their circular economy projects. More than 500 clients have placed their trust in our solutions to integrate sustainability into their value proposition. 
Location  C/ Diputació 37-39 Pasaje interior Local 6B, Barcelona, 08015 Barcelona 
Country  Spain 
Offered Service  assessment-service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  Decarbonization projects, eco-design of products and services, sustainable business strategies. 
Countries where the service is available  Spain 
Contact person  Carles Gasol 

637 158 951 



Provider name  INOVALABS DIGITAL, S.L. 
Company description  INOVA is a technology consulting firm that offers services in three main areas. 


Digital transformation consulting. Business Intelligence and data visualization solutions development. Development of multi-purpose data platform. Digital transformation plans for industrial companies. Development of artificial intelligence, artificial vision and data analysis projects in industrial environments. 


Consulting in Innovation Strategy and Management. Design and management of R&D projects. Training in Innovation Management, Design Thinking and Lean Startup Method. Design and management of acceleration programs for startups. Startup mentoring and public and private funding. Design of digital platforms for the management of entrepreneurship programs. 


Circular Economy consulting. Development of digital tools for sustainability improvement. Energy transition and decarbonization plans. 

Location  Rúa do Príncipe, 30, 3ºpiso, 36202 VIGO 
Country  Spain 
Offered Service  Feasibility Service 

Assessment Service 

Thematic scope of the offered CMS service 


1. Analysis of available information. Evaluation of the key areas of the company. 

2. Analysis of current processes. Audit of processes and support. 

3. Digitalization starting point. 

4. Definition of the target Digital Model. Approach of the objective of the companies transformation plan. 

5. Identification of digital levers/solution creation. Options for process improvement. 

6. Prioritization of solutions. Roadmap. 

7. Preliminary definition of the transformation plan with budget and KPIs. Actions and costs to be carried out. 

8. Identification of potential suppliers. 

9. Presentation of the transformation plan, adjustments and approval. 

10. Evaluation of the project portfolio. 

11. Implementation of an agile follow-up methodology. 

12. Coordination and follow-up of the Plan (monthly). Measurement of progress, feedback and advice during execution. The plan includes a maximum of three projects. 

Countries where the service is available  Spain ,Portugal 
Contact person  Adrián Rial Bares 

+34 986227135 



Company description  Signos is a recently established start-up formed by a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the IT sector.  

SIGNOS NEW TECHNOLOGIES is a company dedicated to the Internet distribution of IoT and data analytics, as well as the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of electronic devices, sensors, and general computing, along with their corresponding maintenance, custom software programming and development, including Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and program maintenance.  

The company also engages in the sale and maintenance of location devices, as well as the manufacturing, sale, distribution, and maintenance of new technologies. All data ingestion is handled by the cloud, which, through Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, will enable the company to improve decision-making. 

Location  C/ María de Luna 11 Nave 5 CEEIARAGON, 50018 Zaragoza 
Country  Spain 
Offered Service  Feasibility Service, Assessment Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service 


“Assess the current maturity level of companies regarding 4.0 technologies and propose advice for improvements”  

Implementation of pilot projects that can develop devices (sensors) and implement software based on the customer’s needs, enabling them to have greater control over their business, thanks to the Internet of Things.  

Our devices applied to the transportation and logistics sector provide greater visibility in traceability, improved distribution routes, and consequently, reduced emissions and expenses 

Countries where the service is available  Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Greece 
Contact person  Jorge Avila 

+ 34 656810813 



Company description  Technological, strategic and organizational consulting.  

TAKTIC accompanies organizations in their digital transformation through its own methodology and multidisciplinary team. 

1- Consulting services. IT ecosystem, audits and roadmaps, KPIS and dashboards. 

2- Strategy services. Strategic audits and plans, eCommerce, Marketing and communication,  Lean and Six Sigma​ Methodologies, process engineering. 

3- Talent. Customer experience​, employee experience​, Agile methodologies and 3.0 Management, coaching and training 

4 – Project Management Offices services. 

Location  6, Paseo Isabel La Católica, 50009 Zaragoza 
Country  Spain 
Offered Service  assessment-service,feasibility-service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  Diagnosis and digital transformation plans: 

1-Strategy and Consulting services 

2-Talent and technologies mentoring 


Countries where the service is available  Spain 
Contact person  Andrés Cardiel 




Provider name  YES FOR INNOVATION S.L. 
Company description  Company with almost 20 years of experience, feasibility studies for SMEs, analysis of digitalization processes, public financing for SMEs, definition and documentation of R&D projects, strategic and sustainability studies for SMEs. 
Location  Calle Camino de las Torres 4, local, 50008 Zaragoza 
Country  Spain 
Offered Service  Assessment Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  For assessing the current status regarding green/digital maturity of the SME, start-ups, VSB and giving advice for improvements 
Countries where the service is available  Spain ,Italy ,Malta ,Greece ,Romania ,Portugal 
Contact person  Antonio Bustos 




Company description  Scootable (Rateltech Yazılım Anonim Sirketi) 

Mission Statement: Scootable is at the forefront of sustainable and accessible transportation in the shared mobility sector. Our goal is to make cities more livable by providing efficient and eco-friendly micro-mobility solutions. We believe in the power of innovation and technology to transform urban transportation, reducing congestion, emissions, and promoting healthier lifestyles. 

Core Competencies: 

Mobility Solutions:  

We specialize in developing software platforms for shared mobility companies. Our flagship product, the Scootable platform, offers comprehensive solutions for vehicle management, fleet optimization, rider management, and payment processing. 

Green Mobility: 

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. We\’re dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of urban transportation by promoting electric scooters, bikes, and other micro-mobility options. 

Data-Driven Insights: We harness the power of data and artificial intelligence to optimize routes, reduce accidents, and enhance the overall user experience. 

Global Reach:  

With a growing presence in international markets, we\’re committed to making sustainable mobility accessible to people worldwide. 

Experience and Achievements: 

International Expansion: Scootable has expanded its services to several countries, partnering with local mobility providers and authorities to improve urban transportation. 

Awards and Recognition:  

Our commitment to sustainability and innovation has earned us recognition from prestigious organizations and industry awards. 

Technology Leadership:  

We continuously invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of mobility technology, enabling us to provide cutting-edge solutions to our partners. 

Scootable is more than a tech company; we are a catalyst for change in urban transportation. Our dedication to sustainability, innovation, and global accessibility drives us to create smarter, cleaner, and more efficient cities for everyone. 

Country  Turkey 
Offered Service  Assessment Service 

Feasibility Service 

Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  1-Digitalization in MTA: 

  • Digital Transformation Strategies 
  • IoT and Connectivity 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Cybersecurity 

2-Green Transformation and Sustainability: 

  • Green Business Models 
  • Renewable Energy Integration 
  • Sustainable Supply Chains 
  • Circular Economy 

3-Mobility and Transport: 

  • Micro-Mobility Solutions 
  • Urban Mobility Optimization 
  • Safety and Risk Management 

4-Financial and Feasibility Services: 

  • Maturity Assessment 
  • Feasibility Studies 
Countries where the service is available  Austria,Czech Republic,Germany ,Latvia ,Poland ,Spain ,Moldova ,Turkey,Montenegro ,Ukraine,Sweden ,Portugal ,Lithuania ,Greece ,Denmark ,Belgium,Bulgaria ,Estonia ,Hungary ,Luxemburg ,Romania ,Albanian ,North Macedonia,Slovakia ,Malta ,Ireland ,Croatia ,Finland ,France ,Italy ,Netherlands ,Slovenia ,Iceland ,Serbia 
Contact person  EMRECAN DURMAZ 

+90 5525390489 


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