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ICT Impact GmbH 

Company description  CT Impact is a technology and sustainability consulting company based in Vienna, Austria. We support companies in their sustainable transformation. Our core competences are: Sustainable Strategy, Materiality Analysis, CSRD, Taxonomy, Corporate Carbon Footprint, Product Carbon Footprint, Circular Business Models, Technology Innovation, Energy Savings, Process Optimisation, ESG Reporting according to GRI and ESRS. We currently have about 15 projects ongoing at customers ranging from about 100 up to 8.000 employees. We are working on different topics from general sustainability strategy development, product and corporate carbon footprint calculations, development of climate strategies and participating in R&D projects as technology partners. We have experience especially in the automotive sector as Michael Friedmann was responsible for the development of the electric firetruck from Rosenbauer International. We are also an active member in the Austrian Association for Advanced Propulsion Systems (A3PS). 
Location  Hegergasse 21/45, 1030 Wien 
Country  Austria 
Offered Service  Assessment Service,Feasibility Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service 
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Climate Strategy
  • Circular Business Models
  • Sustainability strategies for SMEs 
Countries where the service is available  Austria,Germany ,Slovenia 
Contact person  Michael Friedmann 




Provider name 

Aftersun LLC 

Company description  Advisory for SMEs and start-ups in the Clean Mobility, Clean Infrastructure and Renewable energy sectors. We are experts in transportation & mobility with industry experience from companies like Shell, ENGIE, E.ON and BOLT. Services provided range from commercial and Go2Market Strategy to product and technology roadmap strategy. We are already working in advisory roles with a variety of organisations, like EIT Urban Mobility, EIT Innoenergy, German Accelerator and Scaler8 programs. 
Location  Rua dos Ferreiros à Estrela 63 – 2D, 1200-672 Lisboa 
Country  Portugal 
Offered Service  Assessment Service,Feasibility Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  Technology: 

  • Internet of Things 
  • Monitoring systems and traceability 

Sales & Marketing  

  • GO2Market and Expansion strategy 
  • Commercial Strategy 
  • Marketing Strategy (digital, online, product etc) 

Green Services 

  • Carbon footprint and emission of greenhouse gasses 
  • Energy reduction 
  • Resource efficiency 
Countries where the service is available  Austria,Belgium,Bulgaria ,Croatia ,Cyprus ,Finland ,Denmark ,Czech Republic,Germany ,Greece ,Luxemburg ,Lithuania ,Portugal ,Sweden ,Montenegro ,North Macedonia,Albanian ,Romania ,Slovakia ,Armenia ,Serbia ,Iceland ,Slovenia ,Netherlands ,Malta ,Hungary ,Estonia ,Ireland ,France ,Italy ,Latvia ,Poland ,Spain ,Moldova ,Turkey,Ukraine 
Contact person  Elena Nikonova 




Provider name 


Company description  Scootable (Rateltech Yazılım Anonim Sirketi) 

Mission Statement: Scootable is at the forefront of sustainable and accessible transportation in the shared mobility sector. Our goal is to make cities more livable by providing efficient and eco-friendly micro-mobility solutions. We believe in the power of innovation and technology to transform urban transportation, reducing congestion, emissions, and promoting healthier lifestyles. 

Core Competencies: 

  • Mobility Solutions: We specialize in developing software platforms for shared mobility companies. Our flagship product, the Scootable platform, offers comprehensive solutions for vehicle management, fleet optimization, rider management, and payment processing. 
  • Green Mobility: Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. We\’re dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of urban transportation by promoting electric scooters, bikes, and other micro-mobility options. 
  • Data-Driven Insights: We harness the power of data and artificial intelligence to optimize routes, reduce accidents, and enhance the overall user experience. 
  • Global Reach: With a growing presence in international markets, we\’re committed to making sustainable mobility accessible to people worldwide. 

Experience and Achievements: 

  • International Expansion: Scootable has expanded its services to several countries, partnering with local mobility providers and authorities to improve urban transportation. 
  • Awards and Recognition: Our commitment to sustainability and innovation has earned us recognition from prestigious organizations and industry awards. 
  • Technology Leadership: We continuously invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of mobility technology, enabling us to provide cutting-edge solutions to our partners. 
  • Scootable is more than a tech company; we\’re a catalyst for change in urban transportation. Our dedication to sustainability, innovation, and global accessibility drives us to create smarter, cleaner, and more efficient cities for everyone. 
Country  Turkey 
Offered Service  Assessment Service,Feasibility Service 
Thematic scope of the offered CMS service  1-Digitalization in MTA: 

  • Digital Transformation Strategies 
  • IoT and Connectivity 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Cybersecurity 

2-Green Transformation and Sustainability: 

  • Green Business Models 
  • Renewable Energy Integration 
  • Sustainable Supply Chains 
  • Circular Economy 

3-Mobility and Transport: 

  • Micro-Mobility Solutions 
  • Urban Mobility Optimization 
  • Safety and Risk Management 

4-Financial and Feasibility Services: 

  • Maturity Assessment 
  • Feasibility Studies 


Countries where the service is available  Austria,Czech Republic,Germany ,Latvia ,Poland ,Spain ,Moldova ,Turkey,Montenegro ,Ukraine,Sweden ,Portugal ,Lithuania ,Greece ,Denmark ,Belgium,Bulgaria ,Estonia ,Hungary ,Luxemburg ,Romania ,Albanian ,North Macedonia,Slovakia ,Malta ,Ireland ,Croatia ,Finland ,France ,Italy ,Netherlands ,Slovenia ,Iceland ,Serbia 
Contact person  EMRECAN DURMAZ 


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