RESIST: Internationalisation Open Call

This call provides financial support to European SMEs, start-ups and very-small businesses (VSBs) working in the Mobility, Transport and Automotive (MTA) ecosystem, so they can participate in internationalisation acceleration activities organised in non-EU third countries.

The financial support will be up to €2,000 per SME (one person maximum per applicant and service) with a total available budget of €30,000.

RESIST will provide financial support to European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and very-small businesses (VSBs) for internationalisation acceleration activities organised non-EU third countries. Applicants can apply to be funded under the international travel FSTP call. Applications can be submitted for one of the following internationalisation actions.

Eligible activities for International Travel FSTP:

·       Attend conferences in a target market

·       Attend trade fairs in a target market

·       Attend exhibitions in a target market

·       Attend in-person trainings or events on internationalisation

·       Participate in an in-person matchmaking events

·       Bilateral meetings with potential customers or suppliers (B2B, B2C, C2C)

Please note that funded activities under the international travel FSTP call do not include booth fees at conferences or exhibitions. In addition, internal events organised in the framework of the RESIST Eurocluster initiative will be out of the scope of this cascade funding.

Beneficiaries should use the international travel FSTP maximum 6 months after they obtain it. The activities to be supported by the open call cannot exceed 20 days.

FSTP is an instrument used by the European Commission to distribute public funds and generate opportunities for SMEs, start-ups and/or mid-cap companies, in the adoption or development of digital technologies.

  • C27 - Manufacture of electrical equipment | C29 - Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers | C30 - Manufacture of other transport equipment | G45 - Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles | H49 - Land transport and transport via pipelines | H50 - Water transport | H52 - Warehousing and support activities for transportation
  • The financed internationalisation acceleration activities should facilitate the participation of applicants in different kind of non-EU third countries events, so they can enter new markets, discover technological solutions for their needs, exchange best practices and experiences, identify potential partners, as well as meet new customers or suppliers. The participation in these activities will allow applicants to obtain valuable information for their green and digital transition, together with greater visibility in the Mobility, Transport and Automotive ecosystem, contributing to improve and extend their business and collaboration opportunities and increase their level of resilience.

  • The beneficiaries of this Open Call are European SMEs, start-ups and/or mid-cap companies from the Automotive-Transport-Mobility ecosystem. 

    Further eligibility criteria are available in section 4 of the Guidelines for Applicants.

    Financial support:

    Successful proposals shall receive the requested financial contribution based on the real costs of the action, with a limit of 2,000 € per travel. Eligible costs are specified in section 6 of the Guidelines for Applicants.

    RESIST expects to fund 15 applicants. The actual number can vary according to the applications received. However, RESIST might not fund this desired numbers of applicant if the quality of applications does not allow for funding.

    Target markets:

    The international travel FSTP can be used to finance upcoming internationalisation activities organised in any third countries. Eligible applicants must be established in one of the countries associated with the Single Market Programme, which can be retrieved from the following link:

    Activities taking place in the following target countries: Mexico, the United States of America, Canada, China, North Africa (especially Morocco), and the United Kingdom will be encouraged based on previous connections of the Partners in the project. Those countries are of importance to the MTA, manufacturing, and ICT sectors. Applicants who want to use the international travel FSTP for activities taking place in those countries will be awarded 2 bonus points during the evaluation process.

    Cut-off dates:

    1. 8th of September 2023
    2. 8th of December 2023
    3. 8th of March 2024
    4. 8th of May 2024
    5. 8th of September 2024
    6. 8th of November 2024
    7. 20th of December 2024

    This means that if an applicant submits their application after the cut-off date, their application will be evaluated for the second cut-off date. Maximum number of awarded proposals per cut-off: up to 8 applications maximum will be selected after each cut-off.

    Relevant documents:

    You can download here the:


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  • 20/12/2024 12:00
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