POLREC: Innovation Open Call

POLREC Innovation Open Call provides financial support to European SMEs working in the field of polymers & elastomers industries. Up to 33 projects will obtain support on 3 sub-topics (polymer mechanical recycling, polymer chemical recycling & digital tools) for a maximum budget of 20.000 to 30.000€ per SME.

The POLREC project is a collaborative project between the 4 European clusters and a technological centre:  Polymeris (coordinator), CENTIMFE, Cluster Mav, Wirtschaftsförderung Raum Heilbronn, and Plast Center Danmark/DMN. It aims to support SMEs in recycling their high and low value polymers waste, develop value-chains interlinkage with other European SMEs and exploit international business opportunities linked to polymer recycling.

During the 3 years-period the project plan to support up to 250 SMEs through financial support to third parties and dedicated services to encourage the adoption of recycling technologies, train the SMEs’ workforce on those new technologies and enable them to participate in international trade fair and matchmaking events.

The first innovation Open Call focuses on financing innovative solutions for recycling polymers. The Networking Open Call will be published on the 1rst of February 2024 and the Training Open Call will be published on the 1rst of May 2024.

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  • The objective of POLREC Innovation Open Call is to provide support to European SMEs in the polymers and elastomers industries on 3 sub-topics:

    • Testing mechanical recycling solutions of their polymer waste
    • Testing chemical recycling solutions for the polymers waste
    • Test and/or implement digital tools to insure traceability and quality of the recycled waste.

    The funded project’s results should contribute to the objectives of the European Green Deal aiming at zero CO2 emissions in 2050 and to the European strategic autonomy on raw materials for polymer production by developing value-chains interlinkage with other European SMEs.

  • The beneficiaries of this Open Call are SMEs from the Polymers and Elastomer ecosystem established in EU Member States and Single-Market-Program countries.

    The eligibility conditions for this Open Call are described in section 6 of the Guide for Applicant.

    Financial support:

    Individual eligible applicants will receive financial support up to 30.000€ per application for the mechanical and chemical recycling sub-topic and 20.000€ per application for the digital tool sub-topic. A SME can apply on several sub-topics of POLREC Innovation Open Call giving that the total funding requested does not exceed 60.000€ per SME.

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  • 01/09/2023 08:00
  • 07/11/2023 12:00
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