SILEO Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects is a concrete opportunity for European lighting and furniture SMEs to support their green and digital transition through collaboration with technology providers & digitalization experts.

SILEO Eurocluster project is co-financed by the Single Market Programme (SMP/COSME Pillar) of the European Union. SILEO gathers seven key lighting and furniture clusters from Austria, France, Italy, Romania, and Spain.

COVID-19 has shown that resilience matters and laid bare the ‘resilience divide’ between small and large firms. SILEO Consortium will support the European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises – SMEs of the lighting-furniture sector to recover fully from the crisis, become more resilient, and better prepared for the digital and circular transition needs and challenges. SILEO Eurocluster project will help the European lighting & furniture SMEs to be proactive actors in this transition.

SILEO Consortium aspires to capture all the digitalization potential for the furniture and lighting SMEs with a concerted effort channeled through an open and inclusive ecosystem for innovation and technology business upgrading with accompanying business support measures including expert consultancy, business resilience building guidance, reinforced by direct financial support schemes and talent placement service to help companies attract talents.

  • C27 - Manufacture of electrical equipment | C31 - Manufacture of furniture
  • The SILEO Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects facilitates SMEs' access to the following expert services:

    a)       General expert consultancy on company digitalization processes (Which company processes might be digitized to improve its innovation and business potential?)


    b)      Specific expert consultancy on identified advanced technology(ies) and/or digitalization process(es) to concretely explore its potential uptake at the company level, its implementation procedure into the firm operations, and scale of investment (How the specific technology or digitalization process can upgrade business growth, green and digital transformation, what is its cost-benefit, estimated investment plan and how the implementation of new technology affects  employees, will they need training, is the technology easy to operate, etc.?)


    c)       General expert consultancy for business transformation and market analysis: support in market intelligence analysis including an outline of the size of (new) market (segments) potentially accessible thanks to the company's technological upgrading, product demand, trends, customers, competitors (What are the new market prospects in view of the company digital upgrading? Considering that all markets are eligible: national, international, existing and brand new, single sector and cross-sector)

    An SME can apply only to one of the 3 expert services – a), b), or c) described above, and offered by SILEO


    Under 1st Open Call SILEO will select up to 25 projects aiming to access and implement expert consultancies through collaboration with technology providers and digitalization experts gathered in the “SILEO Pool of Technology uptake facilitators” with financial support from the SILEO consortium.

    Project proposals must be submitted by an individual SME from the lighting and/or furniture ecosystem with a specified technology expert selected from the SILEO Pool of technology uptake facilitators.

    SILEO Pool of Technology uptake facilitators:

    The list of the validated SILEO technology uptake facilitators is available in this link.

    The SME Applicant can select the technology provider(s) and/or digitalization expert(s) from the existing list of SILEO-validated technology uptake facilitators, or it can propose its own expert/provider. However, the proposed expert organization must submit the Expression of Interest Form to the SILEO Coordinator ELCA and/or SILEO Partner of reference for the country of origin (see Applicant Guide), in order to be validated as SILEO technology uptake facilitator by the SILEO Consortium. The EoI form of a new provider must be submitted by email at the latest two weeks before the Call closure.

    Ø  project duration: Selected projects will have from 2 to 5 months to implement expert consultancies and receive:

    Ø  Up to € 5.000 per 1 Business Digital Transformation Project. The “project” is understood as the consulting activities implemented by Applicant SME together with the selected “SILEO technology uptake facilitator”.

    The final number of projects selected under this 1st Open Call will depend on the overall quality of the proposals and the available budget.

  • Geographical criteria

    We are looking for project applications submitted by a single Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) [registered legal person] established in the European Union member states associated with the Single Market Programme – COSME Pillar[1], with a particular focus on the following project partners ‘countries and regions:

    ü  Italy – Veneto Region & Friuli Venezia Giulia Region

    ü  France – Auvergne Rhône Alpes

    ü  Spain - Catalunya Region

    ü  Austria - Upper Austria

    ü  Romania - North-West Region

    The priority will be given to applications submitted by SMEs associated with the SILEO project clusters.

     Moreover, at least 10% of the supported SMEs must come from EU regions different from the countries of individual SILEO partners. Specific attention will be paid to EU-13 countries (Member states which joined the European Union in or after 2004) and those EU regions with which the SILEO partners had no previous cooperation and will focus on engaging SMEs from regions with different levels of economic development.

    Target industrial sector

    The target applicants of SILEO Call for Proposal are SMEs (legally registered, including start-ups registered for at least 6 months from the date of submission of application) active in the Lighting and Furniture manufacturing key industries.

    Lighting industry

    The lighting industry covers a complex range of products and services for the manufacturing of luminaires, lamps, and related components. It includes various industrial segments divided per lighting type (LEDs, CFLs, etc.), application (general lighting, automotive lighting, backlighting, emergency lighting, others), electronics, and other components (lighting controls, etc.).

    Furniture Industry

    The furniture industry covers various products and services markets segmented by material (wood, metal, plastic, and other), and by application (home furniture, office furniture, hospitality furniture, upholstered furniture, and others).


    SME definition

    An SME will be considered as such if it complies with the European Commission’s Recommendation 2003/361/EC. In a summary, the criteria defining an SME are:

    ü  Headcount in Annual Work Unit (AWU) less than 250;

    ü  Annual turnover less or equal to €50 million OR annual balance sheet total less or equal to €43 million.

    Note that the figures of partners and linked enterprises should also be considered as stated in the SME user guide. For detailed information check the related EU recommendation and SME self-assessment questionnaire.

    --> The same SME Applicant can submit only 1 application under the SILEO 1st Open Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects.

    You can download here the:

    SILEO Info Webinar

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  • 20/06/2023 17:00
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